Talking about | Reporter Jeff McShan


Yesterday, while working my twelve hours of overtime at whatever it is I do, I had the opportunity to spend time with Mr. McShan.  Poor guy… he got to listen to "The world according to Jay", excerpts one and two.  Namely, "Chaos theory as applied to social contract theory (John Rawls meets the Simpsons) and "crime sweeps approached as a closed systems theory" (Someone ALWAYS steps in to fill the void).  Topped that off with some of my eclectic musical selections!!  hehehe….  Actually, had a great time with him… hopefully, we helped him get what he needed and he can come play with us any time!!  Go visit him and say hi!!  You can see him on Channel 11 and the statewide news network.  He comes on at 10:00 and reports mostly on police type stories.

Rumor has it that I will be losing one hat come the 23rd.  Broke the news to my guys last Thursday.  They are acting like the professionals they are, but it is still sad to know that my hand picked group will be broken up.  Wish I could put a picture up for you guys, but we know what would happen then  🙂

Gotta run, next to next to last sixteen hour day in this particular program!!! | News for Houston, Texas | News Team

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