46 Down…

Got up this morning and found that I had overslept.  Phone was ringing and could not find one throughout the house.  No message, tried my cell.. it had died during the night.  Got up to fix some coffee… we are out.  Booted up the computer and cleared out the latest software infections/infestations the kids picked up…. looked at the news and found out that they okayed the "Morning After Pill",  someone actually came out and said that adult stem cells work and there’s no reason to farm our unborn kids like some kind of soylent green (Newseek to be exact :)), and most shocking to my aging sensibilities…Pluto is no longer a planet!!! WTH….  What are they going to take away next… Uranus???  (sorry, I’m still such a kid at heart).  Worst of all, I am running late, so no Tony Horton today…(Power 90 for the uninitiated! No downward dog for me today.)
Actually, terrorism, bio-terrorism, ecology, economy, and all the other messed up onomies aside, life is good!  I never really expected to make it this far and should be fun to see what comes next.  I mean, who would of though of ME as a 20 + yr law enforcement type with four kids and the same wife all these years. I attribute it all to staying off motorcycles (and avoiding beets)!!
Time to get to work.  I have a film crew riding with me today.  I wonder if i get to wear makeup???  hehehe….
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