Talking about Valerie and Emily’s Explorica Tour – France in Summer 2007



Official Language: French
Population: 58.3 million
Capital: Paris
Currency: euro
The Weather: January, 32-43 FJuly, 55-75 F
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time plus six hours
Electricity: 220V, 50Hz
More French news.  Loup goes back to France today… through Heathrow… geez.  I think we are going to take him to the airport four hours early.  Poor kid.  Hope he had a decent time here.  We all had a great lunch at Gaston/Stephanie’s and then Nicco took him out and about.  They hit Miller Theater, then some posh restaurant, then capped the night off with the laser light show at the planetarium.  Funny thing, they are still doing Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon.  I took Marie-Zivar to see that 18 years ago when she visited.  Those French people are going to think that we never change :))

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