August 9th

Worked a double out at Fondren this weekend, overtime last night… looking forward to tonight off!  Decided on the dining room floor… .engineered wood.  Looks pretty forbidding!  Should have it installed by the end of next week.  Girls went riding Monday, came back and muddied up the house… Life is good!  Emily is working at the school til summer ends so she can help pay for a horse.  Looks like fortune (and friends) have shined on us.  We might take Sophie off of Veronique’s hands for a bit, so she gets ridden some and we have another friend who has a beautiful trakehner for sale that is not being ridden at the moment.  The girls are psyched.  Now for the logistics of getting the horses from one barn to another.  I know…. easy peasy – if you are used to that sort of thing.  For me… kinda overpowering, but that is the joy of having kids who are nothing like each other.   I get so many adventures!!
Well… gotta run, warrants to execute and all!
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