Grandpa came a callin’

Well, I only worked four hours of overtime this weekend – spent Saturday morning running warrants.  Got back home and Larry had already made it in.  He sent a present before he came, just to make sure I felt my age!!
The weekend was pretty quiet and relaxing.  We watched a good bit of Smallville (Season 3)… then watched the movie that Larry had brought – The Majestic.  Wow… great movie!!!!  I had always avoided it because I thought it would be too schmaltzy.  I was wrong!  I highly recommend.
Sunday, we had steaks, burgers, shrimp and all kindsa sides… so much for sensible eating… I lost three weeks worth of work in one sitting… but BOY was it good!
Funny thing about visits… nobody ever seems to plan right.  Girls had to babysit Saturday night and both boys worked Sunday.  Grandpa Larry had to settle for me and a little bit of Valerie laughing at us from the other room 🙂
Tried to talk him in to going to see Nicco’s band N0eXIT play, but he had things to do… so, I took Loup to see them and had a great time.  Bought a bunch of shirts and gave them to my officers the next day.  Bad guys are gonna think its a cop thing… hehehe
Well, no overtime tonight, but girls have riding lessons with Sayer at six.  Gotta run!
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One Response to Grandpa came a callin’

  1. Larry says:

      Great Pictures! Had a great time.

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