Drama Day

Checked into Grandpa Larry’s blog today and found out that he was almost broken into last night… glad he did not have the excitement that an actual break-in would have entailed!
Today was a meeting day… lotsa drama that I guess I can’t get into.  I am reminded of the quote from The Matrix…. "Do you hear that , Mr. Anderson?  That is the sound of….. inevitability!" Fair enough… time for me to act like the marines… adjust, adapt, and overcome!
Watched "Fiddler on the Roof" tonight… Loup (the french cousin who is visiting for a month) seemed to like it.  It is a pretty long film though. 
I work overtime for the next three days, so did my best to enjoy tonight 🙂  The girls got some hand me downs from Monica… That was kinda fun to see (neither girl is overly fond of dresses and frilly stuff, but Katherine is downright allergic to them !!)  I will try to put up pictures soon.
Valerie and I went to G & S production of HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury as guests of Catherine.  Had a great time.  Afterward we went to PF Chang’s up by the house.  It has only been open for a month, but seems to already be the hangout of choice… the folks in the bar were free entertainment indeed!  Met a great bartender/waiter who plays in a local band, Monsters on the Wall.  So… here is a plug for their band and if you are at PF  Chang’s, he will be the one with the Henna colored tattoos on his arm 🙂  Definitely looks like a rocker.
Speaking of rocking, Nicco will be playing at Fitzgerald’s this Sunday @ 5:00 pm.  This will probably be the last gig of the summer since two of the band members will be in Scotland competing for STES in the World Pipe and Drum Championships.
All for now…. lots of work tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a good week!  Ciao!
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