Sulfite Free Wines

Finally made it by SPEC’s and found two "organic" wines that just might fit the bill.
The only contender to date is Frey’s 2004 Cabernet Saubignon.  Could use a bit more character, bite, whatever it is that makes a red worth mentioning – but it is passably good and it doesn’t seem to cause any allergic reaction!! About 11 bucks a bottle.
The sommelier at SPECS said this wine was something special… and he was RIGHT!!  The Chardonnay from Bonterra Vineyards in Mendocino is absolutely incredible!!!  Not for the faint of heart, this wine has the complexity usually sought after in red wines.  A definite keeper (also 2004 vintage)  Only seven or so bucks a bottle! 
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One Response to Sulfite Free Wines

  1. Larry says:

    i do not know what character means when refering to wine
    i do not know what courage means when refering to golf
    i do know what character and courage mean when refering to you

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