I thought this week was going to be easier

Well, after 2-3 hectic weeks of near 80 hours each, I was really looking forward to a full weekend off and no overtime this week.  Welllll…..  Friday, "something" came up and ended up working moderately late.  Came home and did the "Power 90" workout (Tony Horton) with Emily and Valerie…. Katherine laid out on the couch and laughed at us.  I probably should have amped back, because Saturday morning, I bent over to put a shoe on and "crrrrck"  Anybody who has ever pulled a back muscle knows exactly what I am talking about!!
So… I spent most of Saturday flat on my back.  Emily took the opportunity to bombard me with Season One of Smallville…. Please – SSSSavvve Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   (Inside Joke… that’s the opening line of the theme song).  Of course, I did help carry out the fish tank (125 Gallon)  we sold and that prolly did not help.
Sunday was much of the same… today, I stayed in mostly…. However, on the way home I saw helicopters over my favorite area… just had to go and see what was up….News Story.  Six hours later… I am finally home… waaaaay dehydrated and need to wind down some before hitting the sack… need to quick though, because we are adjusting early so we can go find some folks!!  🙂
Have any of you ever heard of a company called Heartmath??? They specialize in bio-feedback…. loweriing heartrate, etc…   sounds very promising.. especially for a type AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++ personality!!!
Well… big day tomorrow… gonna go listen to some tunes on MySpace and hit the sack!  I think ol Tom has really hit it big with his music pages!!!  I even found Michael Fracasso on there!!
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One Response to I thought this week was going to be easier

  1. Larry says:

    It truly scares me to see what you have read and your comments!
    It truly scares me to see the list of what you want to read!
    It truly scares me that I am somewhat the cause of your diversity!

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