Talking about 10 easy ways to stash away thousands – MSN Money



10 easy ways to stash away thousands – MSN Money

Worth reading.. nothing we haven’t all thought about before, but it is so easy to forget!!!  For me, if I could just kick that latte habit – I would save 4.00 and 1,000 calories a day!!! 

Found out that one of the computers got zapped with a virus… spent most of last night and all of today working on repairs.. sigh.. the joy of having kids… they can defeat any safety guards I can conceive of.

Went last night to see a movie with Emily.  We met her friends up there… saw an officer buddy of mine up there, who helped us negotiate the masses 🙂  The movie was "Just my Luck"… oh my…. I am not much of a Lindsey Lohan fan – still, any day that one of the kiddoes is happy is a good day!

Yesterday morning, I got the girls to go out into the back yard with me and pluck weeds… whoo hoo!!  Forgot to drink any coffee this morning and ended up with a raging headache – I guess I have been abusing the brown beverage at work lately… but gosh… Starbucks is King!!

Actually have three days off in a row… can’t remember the last time that happened.  Well.. dinner at Bravo’s tonight.  Seeya!


Emily got her AP reading list for History – I will add it as one of the lists on the side so you can be impressed at how well read she is going to be!!


"Hippipotomontrosesquipedaliaphobia" – the name for the fear of long words is such a cruel joke on those afflicted…. doh!

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One Response to Talking about 10 easy ways to stash away thousands – MSN Money

  1. Larry says:

    You have almost gone commercial but your blogs are as good as ever. I finally took a few minutes to catch up on your site.

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