Two Sisters (blonde joke)

Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette, inherit the family
ranch. Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in
financial trouble. To keep the bank from repossessing the
ranch, they need to purchase a bull from the stockyard in a
far town so they can breed their own stock.

They have only $600 left. Upon leaving, the brunette tells
her sister, "When I get there, if I decide to buy the bull,
I’ll contact you to drive out after me and haul it home."

The brunette arrives at the stockyard, inspects the bull,
and decides she wants to buy it. The man tells her that he
will sell it for $599, no less. After paying him, she drives
to the nearest town to send her sister a telegram to tell
her the news. She walks into the telegraph office and says,
"I want to send a telegram to my sister telling her that
I’ve bought a bull for our ranch. I need her to hitch the
trailer to our pickup truck and drive out here so we can
haul it home."

The telegraph operator explains that he’ll be glad to help
her, then adds, "It’s just 99 cents a word." Well, after
paying for the bull, the brunette has only $1 left. She
realizes that she’ll be able to send her sister just one

After a few minutes of thinking, she nods and says, "I want
you to send her the word ‘comfortable.’"

The operator shakes his head. "How is she ever going to know
that you want her to hitch the trailer to your pickup truck
and drive out here to haul that bull back to your ranch if
you send her just the word ‘comfortable’?"

The brunette explains, "My sister’s a blonde. The word’s
big. She’ll read it very slowly: ‘com-for-da-bull’!"

Hahahahaha… to my blonde friends… I apologize.
Life here has been very busy… overtime at least a couple times a week.  Not much time for sleep or play.  Made a "very" high profile arrest this week!  Lotsa fun.  Tonight is the prom – I will try to take some pictures and post them.  Emily went and had her nails done… is all packed up, etc…   I think Nicco just threw some stuff together.
Ideas for the Immigration issue (Valerie)
1. Learn English within one year
2.  Enforce the laws so as to protect the law enforcement people on the front line
3.  Allow laws to be enforced to give power to Americans and foreigners who abide by the laws.
4.  Charge repatriation fees to the country of origin.
5.  Streamline worker visa system so as not to penalize the law abiders.
6.  Give repeat applicants a faster route with longer work terms… start at one year, 3 yrs, 5 yrs, & 10 yrs.
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