Greetings fellow Netizens

Here it is… already the end of school… time is going by so quickly!  I have yet to make it back to the tac team full time… still working my super secret squirrel squad (just kidding, but I love the sound of it and how it makes everyone’s face turn red :))  We have been making lots of felony arrests and I am interested to see the impact on next months crime rates….
After working until Midnight last night, I got to sleep in a bit.  Valerie went to do her tutoring.  I went another direction to pick up Emily from a friend’s house… and my, what a house!!!  I normally am very happy with my position in life, but sometimes it becomes painfully apparent that money can sure make things more comfortable , still… I can’t complain!
On the way back home, we decided to run by La Madeleine’s in the Village to check on Nicco.  Talked to the manager, who let me know how much he liked Nicco.  Then he turned to Emily and asked, "So, how old are you and when can you start?"  She answered, "14, end of next week".  She is gonna make a good negotiator… hard to put her at a loss for words!
I am working overtime again tonight… so… gotta run… have a good weekend all!
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!
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