Some days are diamonds….

It’s 3am and here I am.  Had two root canals yesterday and worked overtime this evening.  Thought I was doing okay until the very end and started feeling pretty sorry for myself… shoulda taken a little bit more Aleve 🙂  Got home and medicated, but once something starts hurting, seeems harder to stop.  Couldn’t sleep and rather than wake Valerie up tossing and turning, thought I would come stare at the computer.  So… here I am.  Started looking at pictures of me… wow – maybe its time for a redemption program!  Course, no sleep probably doesn’t help.  Also, I am prolly feeling a bit down, cuz no felony arrests last night – tried my best and shook a lotta trees, but no ducks… sigh.
Still not over to the Tac job yet – I hear maybe next month or two… that alone is frustrating – I have technically had the job since last year and here I sit in patrol.  Gonna be hard for a group of folks who already know their jobs well to adjust to a supervisor after having their own heads for so long… I know how I would be 🙂  But, good thing is that I have been working with them for so long on an "informal" basis (over four years now) that they know me pretty well.  Still….
Valerie and girls are leaving for Lockhart tomorrow and will spend the night.  Originally, I had planned to take the girls and drop them off while I spent some time at the deer lease, but the dental work and real work changed all those plans.  Easter break is speeding by – not an overly memorable one for me.  However, Mom’s Easter basket, Chantal’s dinner, and cigars at Cliff’s with Christopher will stand out as highlights!!!!
Christopher’s application with the department is moving apace.  He has the physical and school to finish before the psyche and polygraph.  Ahh… I remember the joyous pressure of the application process…  I went by and signed my nepotism clause stuff and laughed with the recruiter about how nervous these kids are.  Hehehehe
Everyone is growing up — Christina Gay is graduating and will probably relocate to Dallas, Suzanne is in California cooking somewhere (Should get her in touch with Mabel), Phillipe is engineering here in Houston, Andy Chase is gettting married this December, John and Evy are retiring and moving away from California.   Me – I got another couple decades of work…. assuming my teeth hold up…. HAH!   Goood night all.
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