As time goes by

I am sitting here in the cigar shop. Christopher, Nicco and Alan are here lending moral support. I had my teeth worked on this morning (8-12)… NO FUN AT ALL!! But my dentist Janene is one of the best in the business… bottom line is – it hurts. I figured a cigar and a little commiseration would help, but so far, no go.  Funny thing — they had to work on me quite a bit, so the meds caused a little short term memory loss.  Valerie dropped me off before school and Christopher picked me up.   Apparently, I checked my messages, made several work related call backs and talked to the folks.  Only problem is… I don’t remember a thing!  Afterward, Christopher took me to the cigar shop where I chatted and insisted on eating a pizza and drinking coke.  Both Cliff and he were trying to talk me into Ramen noodles, but I kept insisting… ate (said it hurt like hell) watched a movie, chatted with several folks… and don’t remember a bit of it!!!!  Kinda odd feeling.

Last week was pretty hectic. We ran a big scale operation of Friday night/Saturday morning – with great results…20+ in jail. Sad part, I drove through the target location on Sunday afternoon—30 folks out there dealing. Oh well… we do what we can.

Yesterday evening, I had to go down to the Southeast Substation to pick up my Federally mandated Bio suit… I look like the Sta-puft marshmallow man! Still, the class was pretty decent. Saw some old friends from my officer days and picked up an extra job working the soccer games this summer. Whoo hoo!

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