Talking about World Radio Relay League

 During Katrina and some other recent disasters, the current ARES systems showed some faults… these folks are aiming to update our amateur radio response… I suggest you go take a look!! 

The mission of the World Radio Relay League (WRRL) is to develop, promote and provide effective emergency communications by trained, skilled, and disciplined licensed amateur radio operators capable of accepting, originating, relaying, and delivering tactical and formal message traffic accurately, in a timely manner, on behalf of agencies (government and non-government) as well as the general public. This is accomplished through networks of fixed stations and field deployable Amateur Radio Communications Teams (ARCT). WRRL does not rely upon existing infrastructure or commercial services. WRRL operators observe all applicable laws, rules and regulations and use standardized operating procedures including the universal RADIOGRAM format for formal message traffic.

World Radio Relay League

Jay – AA5IM

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