Now I have seen everything

Worked uniformed overtime yesterday and had Jason ride with me.  We were working a particular area which is known to be frequented by ladies of the evening.  We came across a few that we knew, but they were not doing anything we could take action on.  As we were talking to them, another girl came up that we had not seen before.  As conversation went on, we learned that her day job is working as a private investigator and that she sometimes works for a carpet cleaning company.  Of course the logical question is, "What in the heck are you doing out here?"  Her answer was sad, she has a jones for shooting cocaine – a habit that is not associated with a long lifespan.  After a 15 second lecture, we suggested that she not ply her third trade where we were working.  She agreed and walked over to her dump truck, where her 20 year older "boyfriend" was waiting.  Naturally, we talked to him and asked him why he was pimping girls out of his dumptruck– was his cadillac broken down??  Obviously, he had no good answer and had the grace to laugh with me as I poked some serious fun at him.  After pimp daddy loaded up his girl and one of her "friends" who just happened to run up – they rumbled off.
Jason looked at me and said…. "Well, Sarge – you can retire in peace now – we found the one private investigator, carpet cleaning hooker whose pimp drives a dump truck – don’t think you can top that one!!!" 
You know – he might be right!!
How is your week going? 
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