I’m impossible to forget, but hard to remember.
A man standing on a toilet is high on pot.
You better find another gender for yourself, because I’m revoking your "Dude" membership.
That still doesn’t explain why my mother talks to me!
I was going to say something witty but I forgot.
Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarted.
Y’All are gonna get learned real good!
Now Remember, you only have to listen if you want to!


Took the City car in and got a ride back to the station this afternoon.  Drive the truck for all of next month. Over two years and less than 25,000 miles.  Hopefully it will last a while.


Watched ‘Steamboy’ with the girls…  it was okay.  Shows what a warped view Japanese cartoonists have of us 🙂


Last night we watched "Serenity" – the feature length Firefly movie.  It was okay… not great, but fun enough to watch.  Sure looked like they had fun making that movie.


Was supposed to leave to go pig hunting this morning, but woke up with the chest cold everyone else had last week.  Well… at least  I got sick when I could afford to be away from work – but it sure does suck not going hunting!  Maybe this weekend or middle of next week bfore it gets too hot. 

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