Busy Busy Busy

Been a while… life has been full… I have been well, but there have been a few sick kids… Christopher started, then Katherine and now Nicco…  sigh!
Lotsa overtime.. good for the pocketbook, not so good for the social calendar.  It never seems to be planned around life ….
Aroma Cafe closed  – sure did like Dan’s food!  Not sure where I will go clog my arteries now.  
Got a letter from John and Evy indicating their retirement plans and party…. congratulations!  And got an invitation to Andy’s wedding in Reno right before Christmas.
If the weather holds, I plan to take the kids out to the lease and try to bang a few hogs next week.  Frank told me there were lots of sign about, so maybe we will bring back the bacon.
So much for flow of consciousness… gotta run… Overtime shift starts in 20 minutes!!  CYAZ!
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