I was looking at my web stats today and noticed a bunch of hits from Arlington.  Followed the bread crumbs and came across Mr. Evan’s High School class.  He is using my DHMO spoof site for homework!!!  My girls got a real kick out of that.
Came across a disturbance today with a girl who was a good 60 pounds heavier than I am.  It took three of us all we had to arrest her.  At one time, I thought it was all under control, when one of my officers lost control of her right arm.  All I saw was that elbow coming at my face.  Luckily, I was able to scream and bury my head in her back.  If she had made contact, I think I would not have had such a good day!!!  Boys and girls… Fry is bad stuff but then, you knew that already!
I am working that rare 11-3 overtime shift, so must run… have a good night all .
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