It never goes away

A buddy sent me the following link from an interview I gave some time ago that just won’t go away 🙂
Yesterday was fun,  I came in early to go look for our bubble gum machine burglar, but as soon as I got on the air, several units bumped me to let me know that he had been captured earlier that morning!!  Good news, so I celebrated by eating a bowl of oatmeal with soon to be Sergeant Garrison and heading to the station to do paperwork for the next five hours… but – fear not – the shift lasts ten hours!!    As soon as I hit the street, I heard one of my buddies from Auto Theft asking for a unit to sit on an unoccupied stolen with them.  So, I decided to go by.  Got one unit to come with us and we set up for a good while.  As usual, no watched pots boil… and no watched stolens get re-occupied :)….  I had gone back to the station for a short break and we intended to call it in about twenty minutes and head in.  20 seconds after leaving the station, I ran a plate on the car’s computer, and there it was… stolen!!!  Long story short, there was a confrontation, a chase and ultimately, someone was placed in jail!!  Of course, the car we were sitting on… it just got recovered and towed away .   I got home around 8:30 pm and my legs still felt like jelly!  Definitely need to beef up that running program!!!
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