Jim rides along

My old buddy, Jim S, rode along yesterday (All administrative sergeants are now required to spend one day a week on the street).  Last month, we found drugs weapons, and had a grand ole time.  I figured it would be hard to top that day.  Well… not to worry.  No sooner did we do breakfast and pull out from Dan’s place, then we saw a couple of girls flagging traffic.  They ran back to a car and pretended to be working on it as we drove up.  Long story short, we ended up arresting their "boy" on warrants, towed the car, and sent the girls on their way – they said they were "going home"!
30 minutes later, who do we see across the street from our favorite motel… yup – the girlies.  Next investigation puts two guys in jail for felony warrants.  Again, all the girls walked (two more this time).  This one was kinda sad because the two new girls looked pretty new at the game, but were falling apart.  Here is a hint, don’t shoot coke… it will KILL you !!!  Stuff starts falling off your body – I am not kidding!
Day ended with a few more simple arrests and lots of stories to last until next month.
Dinner with the family at Bravo’s… it was great, then Emily and I watched Chinatown…. I never realized it ended so darkly 😦
Here are pics the girls drew last night… less than five minutes!
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