Eldest by C. Paolini

Last night was repeat night on the telly, so I snuck off to a corner of the room and started into Eldest  by Christopher Paolini.  So far it is just as good as Eragon.  Both girls have already read the book a few times and are impatient for the third to come out.
Tonight is another overtime shift checking out the crime hotspots (mostly apartment complexes and known gang hang-outs).  I am happy for the overtime for more than the obvisous benefit of overtime.  I also believe that it motivates the officers and provides them time to do some proactive policing and see what goes on in their neighborhoods as they run from call to call on their regular shifts.  In the 2-3 weeks we have been working the program, the results have been pretty good!!  Lots of exciting arrests and good felony charges.  If the program is any type of a success, the pace should start to slow down sometime soon.
Nicholas’ game in Beaumont was par for the course… after driving out there in a school bus for almost two hours, they got to play the first half in heavy rain, then had the game called for lightning.  Oh well…. the other team is supposed to come to Houston next week!!  Maybe they can get a whole game in then
I got my annual Christmas Card from Dr. Chris Rampacek today  (one of my old roomates in college) – sounds like his body is falling apart pretty rapidly (I always tried to tell them that body building and ultra marathoning did not mix!!) but his company "Personal Training Institute" is coming on pretty well.  My Christopher ran across "Dr. Muscle" last spring while he was helping with soccer tryouts for a new club out in Katy.  He said the parents were pretty happy with the fitness programs Chris had set up for the soccer players there.  If you are in Houston and ever need a motivational trainer… give him a call!
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