Smokers vs. Grills

Lots of overtime and lots of face time on the telly… I intend to enjoy my days off! 
Over the past few months, our trusty grill has started to fall apart…. to the point that we have to line it with Aluminum foil just to keep the coals in.  I went by and visited the nice folks at Klose BBQ Pits and found out that the price of smokers and grill both have gone through the roof.  The charcoal grill that I had wanted to get is now over $1300.00!!  And even with overtime, I can’t scrape together that much money.  After much soul searching and web browsing, I think that I am going to go with my #2 option, the trusty old Weber Grill.   Geez…it’s midnight already… guess I ‘ll let it go for now… cyaz!
6am, back up… have to move the car so Nicco can drive to school.  He is playing a soccer game in Beaumont this afternoon and will spend the night at Mamie’s.  After coffee, I will spend the day cleaning..boy, am I psyched!  Wx is gray and drizzly… looks like it should be cold, but feels like it is in the seventies.. so muggy it is hard to breathe.  Think that instead of cooking, we will just do pizza tonight.

04-11-06 Update:  Til I have the money to get the grill I want, I settled for a Weber style grill from Academy "Outdoor Gourmet" and an electric Brinkmann smoker (on sale for 53.00).  First brisket on the grill was pretty good!
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