Christmas come and gone

Well, it was a humdinger of a Christmas… just sorry I missed it (so to speak).  I worked Christmas Eve, got home and then made it down to Stephanie and Gaston’s for Christmas Eve dinner:  onion soup, beef wellington and black cherry forest cake , followed by cigars on the patio.  I had smoked a CAO on the way down and finished up with a Mambacho, actually leaving about halfway through, since I had to be back at work by 5am (or so I thought).  While driving home, I kept having this peculiar feeling that I had eaten too much – which I attributed to all that I had eaten 🙂   I actually left about a quarter inch of my cigar unsmoked, thinking maybe I had overdone that.  By the time I got in the house, I knew… Stomach Virus – in a big way!!  I won’t regale you with my plight, but for the first time in my career, I did not make it in on a holiday I was scheduled to work.  Guys on the desk took good care of me.  They talked the night shift sergeant into staying over and took care of everything else!!  I remember little of Christmas day except wishing it was over.  Emily opened my presents and gave me a description of each one!!  As usual, Christmas was almost completely Grandma Sandi.  She really is a great "Sandi Claus".
Today is the first day I am up and about.  I finally got a bowl of soup down and am seeing how I feel about that. Then I may move on to the rest of my life.  Hope everyone else is doing fine.  Also, glad that Grandpa Larry came down to visit before the excitement.  All right…. I am tired again… SEEYA!
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