An actual day off!

Monday was the kind of day that police novels are written about.  Got into a good vehicle chase, didn’t wreck… and got the bad guy at the end.  Since it’s work, can’t say much more than that except that it was quite an adrenaline spike.  The day pretty much stayed at that level with barricaded suspects, folks in crisis, etc. etc. etc!!  Ran what we thought was going to be a riot and it turned out to be "Slim Thug" filming a video…. his reps from RCA and lots of other big wigs there.  Seemed to be a nice guy.  (you should be abe to pick those pictures out ).  Got home around six, most ready to take it easy!!  Brought Fantastic Four home for the girls to watch and I went down to the cigar shop for an obligatory hot dog and cigar while watching Green Bay get it handed to them!It’s hard to get aggravated when you are smoking a Mambacho :))
Tuesday was a bona fide day off… not on call for HNT, court, or any other police function.  In the morning, I took Dymphna to Starbucks and a nearby field – we had a great time!!  (That is where the recent Dymphna pics came from) Around Ten, we saddled up and went out to San Antonio to see the Vatican Exhibit  (unfortunately, it is not coming to Houston)  Drive out was pretty easy.  Exhibit was great – lotsa pretty stuff and very informative.  Drive back got a bit tuff as I am still trying to catch up from my exciting day yesterday.  Ended the evening back at the house eating leftovers and watching "Ark" , some confused futuristic anime tree hugger mess… still, it was fun 🙂
Today – obligatory house cleaning day… guess I should get back to it, eh?  More later!
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