As they say in Tunisia…. Another Day – Another Dinar!!!

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day!  Had a barricaded suspect with weapon call before I even got the computer in the patrol car booted up.  Of course, it was torrential rainfall, cold (for houston) and weekend staffing.  Luckily, it all worked out pretty easily and only four or five of us ended up soaked through…six if you include the K-9  🙂
Breakfast was at Cafe Aroma – got that done and the rest of the day was a blur of calls, check by’s, and assists.  I cannot remember a day where I had my siren on as much as yesterday.
Final call after I told the Hardee Boys (Chris and Heath) I was heading home…. was a respectable family driving up to a traffic stop and screaming at the officer that they had seen a man shot.  We went to the location and there they were….. gone!  Called the K9 back, called the troops out… drove the area for the suspect vehicle and sent the dog into the woods (yes.. there ARE woods in the City of Houston :)).  Had the helicopter overhead.  Long story short… never found either party.  Sometimes calls are like that… you get such a small picture of what happened with no resolution – it could get frustrating if you let it!!
Evening was much "quieter".  Katherine was in Corpus with the STES swim team, Emily stayed at Chantal’s so she could go to the Homecoming Dance, Christopher was working at Sam’s, and Nicco was off at the Stark’s (I think he is moving the base of his band operations to their back house…  That left Valerie and I childless!!!! What a concept – could I get used to it… Let me think about that for a second… second over – YESSSSS!
Evening taken up by party at Doug’s.  Many of Valerie’s high school classmates were there and a great time was had by all.  Had to cut out early as the wealth of our children came crashing down upon us… Emily needed to be picked up from the dance, Katherine was home from Corpus….Christopher was MIA and nicco was begging for just… one… more… hour! 
Sometimes… work can be relaxing
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