Banquet and a ball game

Good day to all…. I made it through an exciting week of….. okay it was not a very exciting week. Lots of good pain meds though.  I strained my back on Monday and have looked pretty comical ever since.  Probably should have retired to the bed for the last week, but too much to do… so I lurched around like Quasimodo through most of it~  Humility can make us stronge – or so I hope.  Anyway – enough whining… the back seems to be getting better.  Kids are doing good – report cards came out and the girls’ were excellent… Nicco’s was pretty good for a guitar playing, girlfriend possessing, soccer star – ’nuff said 🙂
Last Saturday night, we made two Christmas parties:  Gaston and Stephanie’s where we ate a bunch of good food and visited with friends.  Nicco brought Leandra and they seemed to have a great time as well…. We left before they did and went by another friend’s party – stayed til way later then I should have and made it back home just before Nicco did (thus proving how late we were )
Sunday, I got to work at 5am-ish and worked the desk (thank you Jeffrey!).  A couple calls dropped that I would have like to checked by on, but sore back being the better part of valor, I kept it parked in the office!!!!  Came home and cleaned up e-mails while watching the Cowboys let one slip through their fingers… sigh.
Yesterday was the monthly HNT meeting and annual banquet.  Had it at a nice hotel downtown.  Food was great and it was good to see all the members of the secondary team.  I had forgotten how many of theme there were 🙂   In the afternoon, I stopped and visited with Cliff at the Westbury Cigar Shop, where I learned some fantastic news…THE MAMBACHOS CAME IN!!!  Now….  this may not mean much to the five people that read this blog over the next two years, but a mambacho is a cigar for kings, manly men, and anyone who likes truly full-bodied cigars.  This cigar completely negates any need for those communist island cigars!!  Needless to say, I smoked one and was in heaven.  Valerie dropped Nicco off at the shop and Christopher came down after spending the day cleaning up around the house.  I took Nicco to his soccer game at 6:30 – they dominated a pretty spirited game.  We finished up the evening by going back to the shop for hot dogs that Christopher had done up on the grill and another good cigar.  Came home, watched the second half of the Saints-Falcons game and called it a night.
Papa Santa Wish List – (Amazon College Fund 🙂
Deluxe Scrabble Game – Ridiculous Wish List – Hostage Cop by F. Bolz – Space Pen by Fisher – McGarrigle CD Mash #9 – Panasonic CD Player – Flexibility booooook – Forever Odd (Koontz)  –  Hey Ranger!  –  ScrabbleGram  – Scrabble Calendar  – Scrabble Dictionary  –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –   –   –   –
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