Ohhh… my aching back

Man oh man… The world was rocking along and all of a sudden…. all I did was jump down out of my truck and BOOM – I felt a twinge in my back… that twinge turned into a spasm that went halfway up my back and halfway down my leg.  Next thing I know, I am walking like Quasimodo!  What a bummer.  Thus, my new area of interest:
Factoid:  Less than one percent of people who develop acute low back pain have a serious cause, such as cancer or infection, to explain their pain.
So… no housecleaning, no much of anything but laying around today…. oh, and a little playtime on the computer 🙂
Went to Saltgrass with Valerie last night – good food!  Kids got to eat California Pizza, cuz they were doing a fundraiser for STES.  Everyone was happy, even Christopher, who got leftovers.
Still working on the audio cd’s for the sixth Harry Potter books… noticing lots of hints about what will happen next that I skipped  over or did not catch when I was reading.
made in Texas of course!          
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