Home Sweet Home

Just got back from San Antonio. Nicco and STES soccer team played in the St. Anthony Tournament against a bunch of other private schools.  They got out of school around 9:00 and played their first game at 4:00 Thursday.  They were ahead 2-0, but let their guard down and ended up tied at 2 all.  Friday AM game they won handily 3-0.  Friday afternoon was a very ugly game…. the referees were the most biased I have ever seen… They called a completely lopsided game against us until the last 15 minutes (when the head referees came to observe )  The other team fell down constantly and the coach would come out and stretch their legs, then they would be running full speed 20 seconds later… sad.  STES came back from 2 down to win 3-2 just in the nick of time.  One of the best games they have ever played in adverse circumstances.. still.. it was ugly.  Saturday, they won easily – all in all a very good showing.
I had my own adventures in the hotel I was staying at… but that is another story 🙂  The kids stayed at the Amerisuites and spent their evenings on the Riverwalk.  A tough life indeed….
Listened to book six of Harry Potter on the way out and back – made the trip pretty enjoyable!
Saturday morning, I snuck off to the deer lease for a morning hunt…. pretty foggy, wet morning, but.. any time in the stand is wonderful!
Sorry so many ….s, but doing this holy flow…. others want the computer 🙂
I put most the tournament pics up here… but due to distance, they don’t look so good small .  If you don’t mind "signing in"… The actual size pictures are on Sony’s ImageStation.  Just click anywhere in the previous sentence to get there.  If you are uncomfortable with that, but want a copy of one of the pics, just e-mail me with the photo title and I will get it to you.  The rest of my soccer pics from this year are at Webshots, which does not require a log-in.
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