Boss man – I can’t make it in today

Had one officer carted off to the hospital yesterday and another one never made it in….. Flu.  Had someone drive the one poor fella home and went about my business…. police work in the big city.  Went to dinner with Valerie last night at a new Mexican restaurant in Willowbrook Mall.  Was just sitting there eating, when the room started spinning, I started sweating, and…. yup – you guessed it, came down with the exact same thing they had.  Kept from embarassing myself at the mall, got home and into bed and here I am now… medicated, hydrated and feeling like crap.
On the bright side, I had actually considered doing an investigation into the two officers being so sick, because they had worked the front desk of the station together and a nice citizen had brought in a cake.  Since I did not have any of that… I think I can rule out terrorist action now 🙂  Just wish that made me feel better!
"Most of the people sitting at the bar here with me are aware of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is credited as being the one who gathered up all the snakes in the country into his minivan under the ruse of a weekend holiday and drove them instead to west Texas, thereby enabling all peoples Irish to wander about Ireland barefoot without fear of rattling snakes and boa constriction.
However, few people are aware of Scotland’s patron saint, St. Andrew.

The story goes that Andrew, a Galilean fisherman, preached the Gospel in the lands around the Black Sea and in Greece for which he was eventually crucified on an X-shaped cross in Patras. The geography of his mission explains the balalaika, for Andrew is indeed the patron saint of Russia and of Greece as well as of Scotland. The association with a land he never set foot on is, not surprisingly, based on a number of conflicting legends, the most colourful of which is the story of St. Rule.
My favored legend is that three hundred years after Andrew’s martyrdom the Roman Emperor Constantine,ordered that the saint’s bones should be moved from Patras to his new capital city of Constantinople.

Before the order was carried out a monk called St. Rule had a dream in which an angel told him to take e what bones of Andrew’s he could to ‘the ends of the earth’ for safe-keeping. St. Rule duly took what he could and after an epic journey with the aforementioned assortment was shipwrecked on the east coast of Scotland – which he deemed the ‘ends of the earth’! But the whereabouts of the relics is unknown.

Whatever the veracity of these ancient legends, St. Andrews Day is a day to celebrate all things Scottish.

Many people wonder what they should eat on St. Andrew’s day. Because Andrew was a fisherman, it seems appropriate to eat fish (and chips). Otherwise you could eat any traditional Scottish food. It used to be that a singed sheep’s head was traditional, but they are really hard to find and harder to cook.


The Duck will be celebrating St. Andrew’s Day featuring the music of the Emily Dugas band, dance, Scottish food and and possibly grog. "

 "Emily Dugas was a member of Clandestine until it’s untimely
demise, and is continuing in the wonderland of music with an all-
new project incorporating her incredible talents in both singing
and Traditional Irish drumming. It’s a fusion of Celtic, Soul,
and Songs that’ll get your brains working and your feet tapping.
Between the Drumming and the Singing and the Humor, there’ll be
little time to catch your breath."


Robby from Vizion called – the patio door finally came in – took about 3 hours to install that and the patio window.  Here are the pics.. you tell me if it’s an improvement 🙂  Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend these folks!!


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