Happy Turkey Day

The Buras Family our friends of ours from St. Thomas.  Mrs. Buras taught our kids, and Katherine was in the same class as Christopher (she is going to school out of state).  Currently, Mrs. Buras and her husband are in France for his job.  I think they will be there for some time.  She has been keeping a blog of her "adjustments"  Definitely worth a visit!!  Today she writes about the "80 EuroTurkey"
Actually slept in til 8 or so this morning… it was great!!  Went for a walk with the girls and Dymphna.  They got in the bayou and were playing in the mud until Emily saw the grass jump (snake)… that put an end to the frivolity.  They went in and I walked another mile.  Came back and time to clean tables, cook turkeys.. etc, etc, etc 🙂
I think it is a quiet thanksgiving this year, just Chantal and Monica coming over.  France is going to the Gays in Bellville and Stephanie and Gaston are going to his family down south.  Alas, no huntiing trip in Salado this year… I guess all things come to an end.  Sure was fun though!
Sat down to Turkey dinner around 12:30.. great meal – Valerie has the big dinner down perfect!!  Everything hot and delicious.  Had two bottles of Stag’s Leap wine and finished off with Pumpkin and Lemon Meringue pies… a most excellent meal!!  My thought go out to the folks that had to work today… this being my first Thanskgiving off in years and years 🙂
Let the girls have the table and I went out on the patio and smoked a cigar.  Ned came by and he, Christopher and I went to see "Jarhead".  I wrote my review on Amazon, so if you click on it in the next few days, you can see what I think 🙂
Got to get to bed now… work tomorrow!!
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