A night’s sleep dreaming of cats is no night’s sleep at all!

Got up at 4:30 this morning to go work overtime as the rollcall sergeant.  This is not one of my favorite tasks, to give assignments to grown up folks (half of whom are older than I am 🙂 and sit behind a desk the remainder of the day answering phones.  But after paying to get Nicco’s Nissan out of the shop yesterday, any overtime is good stuff!!  Did get to slide by the Aroma Cafe (3402 Mangum) for a bite of breakfast… as usual – great food.
Got home a little after one and took the girls, Nicco and Leandra to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  It was good enough.  I have one major gripe and I hope they listen to me before they paint themselves into a corner.  Namely, Dumbledore is much more understated and emotionally downplayed than  the current actor is playing.  His strength is his obvious power so wonderfully couched then loosed at just the right time.  ‘Nuff said… still worth seeing.   Mad Eye Moodie was right on target.
After the movie, came home and fixed steaks… Emily watched The Time Machine and seemed to like it.  I took a cigar onto the porch and finished The Wizard Knight by Gene Wolfe.
Well, no more for now… I am falling asleep at  the computer 🙂  cyaz!
Anybody remember this gem??  Stanford Prison Experiment
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