Worked yesterday – great time.  I kept planning to go into the office to do some paperwork on an officer who is coming back from IOD, but code one calls kept popping up "like daisies" :)….  My kind of day.  We had just finished catching a fella who stole re-bar from a site, switched trucks, and was in the act of selling the product.  Lotsa good police work- turned out to be a Class B Misdemeanor.  Of course, I was still excited, but the officers who had to do the paperwork, transportation, charges, etc… etc… etc…. were pretty bummed.
Just as I was leaving that scene, got a callout.  First one in a while.  All worked out well and got a little overtime.  Life is good. (2 day link to story:  Eviction Notice Turns Into SWAT Scene)
Came home – smoked an incredible cigar from the RTDA – it was labelled P Bello y CIA, tabacalera. las villas.  need to research and see if it is an affordable cigar…might make the keeper list.  Then had some Gentleman Jack and diet dr. pepper while listening to some more Harry Potter – book 5 – on CD.  Bed around 11.
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