Back to work

Back to work after a long, long weekend.  Just looked at an OJ Simpson website… wow!!  some folks are pretty in-depth.  Saw a police mag that had pictures of Satty boy on the floor of the dome.  Definitely him… you can almost make out what he is saying from that one picture!!
Today was relatively quiet – I was driving one of the totally connected cars – these cars have speed monitors, gps monitors, air monitors, satellite contact, etc. etc. etc….. They can buzz in like On-star if your car gets in a wreck!!  Thank goodness I always wear my seatbelt and drive the speed limit!!  🙂
Nicco’s car is still in the shop, so Christopher was kind enough to take him to his referee responsibilities today (not sure how we will get him there on Sunday).  All seemed to go well.  Christopher made it off to work and Nicco is going to the play "Charlie Brown" at STES.
Made it in to Cafe Aroma’s this morning around 10am.  Great stuff!!  The place was packed.  Dan, the owner, has hired some new folks to help out and looks like they are doing fine.  He was a godsend during Hurricane Rita, staying open so that we had at least one place to go eat/hang out.  We didn’t so much violate general orders as use the restaurant as a makeshift staging area…..  Dan’s store, Cafe Aroma, is at 3402 Mangum.  I highly recommend it.  He only asks that you come twice a day!! Article I | B4ueat |
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