Dreaded Homework and a surprise

Went to the mailbox today and found a package from Amazon that I had not ordered.  Turned out that Larry had picked something at random off my wish list and sent it to me.  What a nice thing to do!!  It was a dvd and I watched it while folding T-shirts.  Great stuff 🙂
Nicholas’ car is still in the shop and not sure what is going on with that.  Apparently, they are putting in the third transmission… the other two trashed after about 15 miles.  I have my fingers crossed.  Nicco is going berserk without a car.  Need to keep an eye on his activities too.. did not so well on last physics test and was up til past midnight trying to get homework done last night.  I try to tell them all about pacing…. sigh.
Monday, Nicco played goalie on the school team vs. Lutheran North, a 5A school that was very, very good!  They came away with a tie, but got reamed by the coaches for strange stuff.  Well… I guess everyone motivates differently.  Nicco made several spectacular saves and one that should have been (he blocked the ball, but no one ran with the opponents forward, so he just chipped in the rebound :/ )
Yesterday, had lunch with Peter and Gaston at the University Club.  It was nice to catch up!  The food was excellent.  Only down side is that there is no place to smoke cigars anymore…. BIG 😦
Well… all for now – today is cleaning day!! And.. I have to clean Nicco’s soccer stuff for a game this afternoon.   Whee!
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