BT Hunt 2005

I made my now-annual pilgrimage to Roscoe this weekend.  This time Christopher came with and instead of stopping in Arlington and picking up Larry, we drove straight through.  Wow… what a long drive (over 400 miles).  Actually, the time went by pretty quickly…. we were listening to one of the Harry Potter books on tape.  Stopped one time in Fort Worth.  Unfortunately, we left on Friday after Christopher’s classes – so missed going out in the evening by about 30 minutes.  On the bright side… I did not get any tickets! 
Dinner that evening was burgers and beans followed by stogies and stories… very relaxing!  Everyone up there was friendly and helpful.  The camp is comprised of the bunkhouse and the kitchen – both of which are very comfortable.
Saturday morning came early… we got up at 4:15 and had some coffee and hashed browns.  Christopher was very fond of the hashed browns!!  Bob Wadsworth took us out to  stand 3 – a two seater… We got in and let things quiet down.  Just by starlight, we could see that there was plenty of activity under the stand!  Daylight came and that group had moved on.  The wind picked up pretty good and I warned Christopher not to get too hopeful, because deer do not usually move too much in that kind of weather.  Boy, was I wrong. Not 15 minutes after I said that, 8-10 deer came out and were just as active as can be.  They were all does, but just by watching them fight, chase each other and "groom" themselves, it was obvious that the rut was on.
We spent the next half hour picking out the doe Christopher wanted.  He settled in and then we just had to wait for a clear shot… didn’t want to take two deer by accident .  Finally, she came clear and he took the shot… There she was – down.  Great shot, she didn’t even twitch.  Of course, as M. T. says, that’s when the fun ends.  We got her ready to take back to camp (the temperature was rising steadily, which made this a bit tougher than usual).  Bob came and got us in the new RTV and it was on to skinning and harvesting.  I still have a lot of room for improvement!!
We spent a quiet lunch time, then Bob gave us a tour of the ranch, where I saw more quail then I knew existed!!!  We got to the 9-1-1 stand about 3 pm.  Now, this stand is a bit smaller and quite comical to fit myself and Christopher (both over 200 lbs) into.  Once we squeezed in, we knew we were in for a warm afternoon.  To open the panel that might let a breeze in also lit us up like we were in the deer cinema.  So we opted to sweat.  We saw turkey…. lots and lots of turkey – for a long time.  They would leave, make about a 400 foot circle and end up right back at the feeder.  It was actually a lot of fun to watch.  They finally left as the sky was starting to darken.  There was about 15 minutes of…. absolutely nothing.  The mind does funny things during this period.  We discussed whether or not there were actually any deer on this side of the property, made up reasons why they would not come to this feeder, this date, and all kinds of other crazy excuses for not seeing deer.  Luckily, we did this quietly, because just as the sky was starting to darken, there he was!  At first, all we could see were the antlers.  We could make out right away that he was at least an eight pointer.  After about five more minutes, he had worked into a position, we could make out his body size.  Made a quick decision to take him and once the shot was there, took it.  Down he went.  Christopher was amazed at how much louder the gunshot was when he was not doing the shooting!
That night  Bob made chicken, sausage, and green beans… was it good!  Everyone else hit the sack pretty early.  Christopher and I finished processing the buck and smoked a cigar before hitting the sack and passing out.
Next day was cleanup and on the road.  Got home by 4:00 and had the meat at the processer (Midway) and back at the house by dinner time.  Kept about a pound of meat to cook up for girls and Nicco to taste and they were highly impressed.. can’t wait to get the sausage and jerky back!
Thus ends our Buford Thompson Hunt for 2005.  Many thanks to Bob, MT and Paul for making it such an outstanding weekend and the highlight of our hunting season!
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